SurveyPie is being widely used in all types of industries.

SurveyPie provides online survey solutions to all industries from traditional to Internet.

Internet, Apps, Online Mall, Online Games

Typical uses:
Product Research | User Survey | Event Registration | Feedbacks | Uninstallation Rurvey | Customer Rurvey | Customer Service Satisfaction Survey | Event Satisfaction Survey

Who's using it?
UED | Product Manager | Product Operation | Marketing | Customer Service

Why use it?

Convenient, fast, efficient.

Create survey in minutes. Contact users directly at any point.
You can create and deploy surveys without any technical skills.
Put image or text link on your website or forum to invite respondents.
Connect with your respondents through websites, Facebooks and Twitter. Combine survey results and your operation data to know your users better.

Brand Images

Change survey themes & logo. Deisgn your very own survey theme.
Redirect respondents back to your own website so you never lose them.

Widely used

Use Event registration and Feedbacks to make your users stay active.

Combine SurveyPie and your own user system using API.

SurveyPie provides API for websites, Apps, Web Tools so you can integrate survey into your business flow.
Display survey directly in your website, Apps or Games. Users login to your user system to take survey and even get presents afterwards.


Typical uses:
Product Research | Marketing Research | Client Survey | Training Feedba | Employee Survey | Management Survey | Entertainment

Who's using it?
Marketing | HR | Customer Service | Administration | Training

Why use it?

Low cost. High efficiency.

Collecting responses through internet can largely lower your cost.
Deploy surveys via website, Emails or Facebook, collect results fast.
Set up collectors for different branch offices, subdivisions, department.
View detailed real-time results with charts and graphs.
Share your report with colleagues via links. Keep your team updated.


Secured data storage and backup. Set passwords on surveys to keep it private.

Cosistent with Corporate image

Add company logo and theme to survey.


Typical uses:
Students/Parents Feedbacks | Lecturer Evaluation | Administration Satisfaction Survey | Registration Form | Event Registration | Case Studies

Who's using it?
Lecturer | Students | School Board | College Community | Administration | Training Institution

Why use it?

Save you great engery & time.
Open your browser to conduct a survey immediately.
Quickly and conveniently collect results.
Now IT skills required.
Get opinions from students and their parents easily through surveys.
Print QR code on flyers or poster. Scan code to take the survey.

Travel | Hotels

Typical uses:
Product Research | Destination Survey | Event Registration | Customer Satisfaction Survey | Event Feedbacks

Who's using it?
Product Manager | Operation | Marketing | Quality Control | Customer Service

Why use it?

Know your customers' real needs before designing new events or trip routes.
Send surveys to customers through text messages. Get their feedbacks right away.


Typical uses:
Reader Satisfaction Survey | Reader Subscription | Reader Survey | Article Survey

Who's using it?
Publication | Editor | Advertisement

Why use it?

Add survey to your magazine or website. Interact with your readers easily.
Use survey data to reveal public's opinion.
Conduct online or offline event easily by making registration forms.
Gather readers' geographical information more quickly.
Print QR code directly on magazines so readers can take surveys on their mobile phones.


Typical uses:
Party Invitation | Wedding Invitaion | Trip Tour Registration | Event Registration | Polls | Psychological Test

Why use it?

Use polls to decide tour destination.
Use our pre-set themes to make your survey lovable.
Send wedding/party invitaions quickly and get responses right away.